What Do You Think About Berserk Chapter 364

I’m curious as to what will transpire following Berserk Chapter 364? Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy series is a creation of the late author Kentaro Miura, who died in 2011. Berserk began serializing in August 1989 and came to a finish in September 2021, more than three decades after it began. The manga series comprises 20 volumes and over 300 chapters, with the most recent chapter, 364 (which was released after the manga artist’s death), being the most recent. The news of Miura’s death startled the entire world, and all manga lovers were left wondering about the manga’s future. The most recent chapters are based on the manga artist’s manuscripts, which were discovered after his death.

Guts is a warrior who embarks on an adventure throughout the novel. The manga gained popularity as a result of its dark plot and the fact that it contains a lot of adult content. However, the artwork in the manga series is also well-liked and admired. Miura also used to take extended breaks between chapters, sometimes as long as three to six months, before starting on the following one. His art, on the other hand, never failed to please his devotees. As a result, mangaka’s breaks were always respected by the audience. The manga series Berserk was also adapted into an anime series that debuted in 1997. A follow-up anime series was published in 2017, and a movie trilogy based on the plot of the 1997 anime was also released in that year. Fans, on the other hand, are now speculating about what will happen following Chapter 364. As a result, in this essay, we will attempt to address some of the often asked issues on the internet. What exactly occurs in Chapter 364? What will happen to the manga following Miura’s death is yet to be determined. Will it remain an unfinished masterpiece in perpetuity?

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What Exactly Occurs In Chapter 364?

Guts and the Moonlight Boy are reunited at the beginning of the chapter. Guts transport the enigmatic youngster to his circle of buddies. Dadan, the Flower Storm Monarch, is mentioned by Schierke as being the Moonlight Boy. Dadan, on the other hand, appears and disproves the young sorceress’s theory once again. When the black swordsman returns, he gives the boy to Casca, who quickly rises to his feet and embraces him as well. During her time as “Elaine,” Casca also recalls the boy from her previous life.

In a later scene, Dadan explains that the Moonlight Boy is no ordinary youngster because he has a pure od, which is comparable to that of fairies. She also shows that the youngster has no malicious purpose, and as a result, he is permitted to set foot on the Skellig. Dadan also speculates that Casca and Guts may have some sort of relationship to the Moonlight Boy, which they deny. The mysterious boy is drawn to the mystical island by the forces of fate that they have created. Danan and the Great Gurus were keeping an eye on the boy the following day. They say that while the boy is not ordinary, he behaves in the manner of a typical child. However, he is still completely pleased with his life. Even the elves and spirits that lived on the island surrendered their defenses in the presence of the child.

Guts, who was practicing with his Dragon Slayer blade, receives a visit from the Moonlight Boy. Gut’s armor is placed on the boy, and the swordsman begins to play with the child. Guts later return the child to Casca and the other members of the group. During the night, the mystery lad slept next to Casca, who was dreaming about a day when the Demon Child saved her from the Demon Child in Albion. Casca is awakened by this dream, and she notices that the boy is not beside her. The youngster was sitting outdoors in the moonlight, his back turned away from Guts, and Casca runs over to the lad and kisses him on the cheek. Soon after, Casca and Guts observe the Moonlight Boy transform into Griffith, an old friend who has turned into a sworn enemy. Griffith was crying, and Casca and Guts were moved to tears. He describes the moonlight night as a dreamlike experience in which he was enveloped by a nostalgic warmth. However, when he awakens, the dream will vanish with a single tear, as if it were a drop of morning dew.

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What Do You Think The Future Of Berserk Will Be?

Berserk Chapter 364 was Miura’s final piece of writing. Fans, on the other hand, were left with a slew of questions, such as: Who is Moonlight Boy? Is Griffith the ‘Moonlight Child,’ as the saying goes? Is Chapter 385 going to be released? Consequently, based on the events of the last chapter, we can assume that Griffith is actually sharing a body with Guts and Casca’s son. As we all know, Femto raped Casca in Hell, causing her unborn child to be tainted by Guts. Demon Child was the name given to the corrupted child who had the appearance of an embryonic embryo. Casca and Guts have been protected by the child on numerous occasions. The embryo, on the other hand, is swallowed by the apostle Egg of the Perfect World later on. The Demon Child then evolved into a newborn within the apostle Egg, and it is possible that Griffith utilized the infant’s body for the incarnation ritual later on. The two now share a physical body, with Griffith transforming into Guts and Casca’s child when the moon is in the sky on full moons.

The manga was completed by a member of Studio Gaga who collaborated with the great Kentaro Miura. Young Animal, the company that published the manga series, stated that they do not know what will happen to the dark fantasy series in the near future. As a result, they decided to make Chapter 364 a memorial to Miura by using Miura’s ink sketch for the cover instead of real cover art. Consequently, fans should expect this chapter to be the final one of his masterwork Berserk, which may end up being an unfinished masterpiece in itself. There are, however, suggestions that his assistants will carry on Miura’s legacy in his absence. Consequently, the assistants will have large shoes to fill if they perform as they say.

Is The Berserk Manga Series Coming To An End?

For the past few years, there has been the rumor that Berserk has reached the end of its game and that it would be concluded shortly. However, a small number of admirers have come to a different conclusion. Because of the sensitivity of the subject, the majority of fans avoid discussing it. There has been no official announcement regarding the conclusion of the manga series as of yet. Because of the significant period elapsed between chapters, it will be a long time before the entire manga series is completed. It is, therefore, unnecessary to be concerned about this masterpiece reaching its conclusion anytime soon.

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Where Can I Find The Most Up-To-Date Berserk Manga?

On Viz, you can read all of the chapters of the Berserk manga, including the upcoming 364th chapter, which will be released soon. Make sure to read through the entire freshly disclosed chapter as soon as possible to avoid being subjected to spoilers, which spread like wildfire.

That’s all there is to it for today’s Berserk Chapter 364 – The Hype is Real, Another Masterpiece is Underway. Thanks for reading. Berserk is well-known for its lengthy gaps between chapters, but it’s important to remember that they’ve been dealing with a variety of challenges along the road. The Berserk Fandom is one of the oldest fandoms in the history of manga, dating back to the early 1900s. And we look forward to continuing to count on your support in the near future. Visit Spoilerguy for more articles like this and other related topics.

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