Alternative Websites of Crunchyroll In 2021

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming services in the whole bunch. But Crunchyroll doesn’t have its defects (see below) and sometimes you just have to look after something else to change speed.

Crunchyroll provides legally permitted anime streaming and manga from Japanese animated studios. It offers both free and paid options, depending on the amount of information you want to see. Its subscription enables you to stream anime and download episodes from anywhere in the world if you are not able to watch them when they appear.

Crunchyroll has a wide range of anime content available for those who want mainstream anime. Crunchyroll also offers simulcast, episodes that airstream in Japan and Crunchyroll as soon as available.

Crunchyroll has its limitations and does not offer a tonne of anime content for certain audiences. Crunchyroll isn’t also available in every country, so it may not be available in your home country.

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Where Can I Watch Anime Besides Crunchyroll?

If Crunchyroll isn’t available to you or you are searching for similar anime streaming sites that offer a more anime selection, you should review the following alternatives for Crunchyroll that may be more appropriate to your requirements.

The video streaming services mentioned in this article may not be available in all countries and may only be accessible via a VPN.

1.  Funimation

If you’re an anime fan, Funimation might have been heard. It is worth checking out for a number of reasons, including its price point and the amount of anime content it provides. Funimation is very popular in the USA, Canada, and Australia among animal lovers.

For years there is fun and many people see it as an alternative to Crunchyroll because they offer many popular animation shows such as Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, One Piece: Strong World & more! Strong World! This means that something should be here for everyone in terms of genre or theme. Funimation now also carries a live television series that can attract people who only want something different from their usual Netflix or Hulu fare.

Funimation offers a strong online video streaming service with tonnes of on-demand content as well as DVD and BluRay releases. Some of the other features of Funimation are “SimulDub” for simulcasting animated episodes, home videos from new dubs of Funimation, and subbed and dubbed series that stream up to 1080pHD on your device.

The anime streaming site provides dubs and subtitles, while the majority of new anime episodes can be viewed on TV in Japan within one hour of their broadcast according to licensing agreements.

Dubbed Anime is great news for those who have problems with subs or want to experience the show with Japanese audio in its original version without reading subs on their screen.

This alternative to Crunchyroll also offers live streaming, TV broadcasting, and free advertising programs. The paid subscription plans offer ad-free content of $5.99 a month.

Funimation’s drawback is that its app is quite buggy and sometimes frustrating to use. Some of the most popular series are also missing in the anime library.

If one thing does better than Funimation, Crunchyroll is the subtitles. Crunchyroll’s subtitles are more user-friendly and have a wider choice of languages.

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What Happens Next?

The two services will be consolidated under one umbrella by Sony. It still remains to be seen whether it involves folding Crunchyroll content to the Funimation service or creating a whole new service completely. It’ll most likely be the former. Note: Much important anime shows already stream on both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The deal was examined by the US Department of Justice, which would create a monopoly on anime streaming in the west instead of the concern. But given that major streaming services such as Netflix currently invest heavily in anime, this was not considered to be the case.

The most likely step is to add additional content to Funimation.

“We know that you might have questions,” read Crunchyroll’s statement. “Today we start to bring together two awesome teams to bring you more of what you love. Thank you for your support and confidence!”

Alternative Websites Of Crunchyroll

1. BabyAnime

If you are a true anime lover, then this website is the first container with unique characteristics of the latest animation. This website provides users with a secure platform for free HD quality content. Users of this website must not face irritating ads before they watch an anime episode.

2. Daisuki

It is a world-famous Japanese website that offers a wide variety of anime material. Many branded animation studios like Aniplex, Toei Animation, etc. are shareholders of this website. This anime website is trendy not only in Japan but worldwide.

3. Anime Planet

It is one of the most popular anime streaming websites offering anime lovers the latest collection. Users can also access a popular Japanese anime comic called manga. The anime-planet website offers some unique features which make it easier for users to access the content.

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4. Masterani

The website of Masterani contains an extensive database of the latest anime content and enables users to view anime via online streaming. It provides users with HD streaming of every episode, as well as viewing anime films on this website. It’s a popular pirated anime website for free access by users.

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