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With a strong K-pop obsession, it’s easy to overlook that S. Korea is home to many great bands ranging from proto-punk to alt-rock. The dominance of K-pop makes it difficult to conceive how a style such as rockers could ever thrive in the music business in the nation. If you want to delve into K-pop and see what’s available in the Korean Music industry, check out all the bands below, reaping Pop Punk, Alt Rocker, and all the sectors between them. They are the largest K-pop bands in 2021 right now.  This list of the greatest current boy groups and girl groups exclusively covers performers releasing new songs with new rookies and older groups. Whilst well-known groups such as BTS and Blackpink have succeeded globally, emerging talents have always been the most successful K-pop group ever.

Now Top K-pop Groups

The most famous K-pop boy and girl groups are now included here. In 2013, many of these groups made their debut. They are regarded to be South Korean K-pop bands of the third generation.


iKon is a 7-member team ranging from startups through a WIN survival contest. As soon as the band made their first studio album in South Korea. Since then, they have been renowned for composing and composing their own music for numerous successful singles. Their song named Love Scenario was a success at the beginning of 2018.

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2. Seventeen

Seventeen is a group of 13 and one of the largest South Korean boys in the K-Pop business. This makes them equal to the size of the Super Junior. The group has been signed by Pledis Entertainment, which had 17 members planned. However, four of them departed before their group debuted. They consist of 3 subunits competing according to their skills; hip hop, singing, and entertaining. They still live up to 17 as a group of 13 + 3 units, giving them one. The trio established a reputation for themselves when they composed, produced their songs, and developed their own choreography. The trio established a reputation for themselves when they composed, produced their songs, and developed their own choreography. This gained them the nickname of the self-production gang of idols.


Got7 is yet another South Korean male band with seven JYP Entertainment members. The group debuted in 2014 and is renowned for its choreography, typically featuring combat sports and street dance. The group also reached the Asian markets with their “Around the World” song. From its debut to the present, the group has consistently topped pop charts and revenues when they come back.

4. NCT

NCT is an abbreviation for “Neo Culture Technology” and is a kid-pop band with 23 members on the list. This goes farther than the amount of Super Juniors at their peak. NCT consists of four subgroups, NCT U, Odd future 127, NCT Dream, and WayV. They have many genres: pop, J pop, rap music, R&B, and EDM. They also have other genres. This K-pop band made their debut last year with their initial unit, NCT U, under SM Entertainment (Unite). That year the next component, NCT 127, was formed with a membership count of 10. The following sub-unit, NCT 127, with a membership count of 10 was established in the same year. In fact, the number 127 is the longitude coordinate of Seoul, thus the moniker NCT 127.

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5. Hyukoh

Known for its film and often melancholy indie vibe, Hyukoh rocketed popularity on Infinite Challenge when he appeared on the Korean TV program and refuses to slow down. Because of Oh Hyuk’s proficiency in Korean, Chinese, and English, this band is a leading example of a straightforward mix of genres, strong music videos, and honest lyrics. After their debut record, 23 was released in 2017, this band embarked on their first global tour and the following year had their song “Citizen Kane” used in an iPhone X advertisement.

6. BTS

BTS SonyeonDan is a boy group from South Korea, comprising seven Big Hit Entertainment members. They are among the most famous K-pop boys ever. Given that they hailed from a then-not-so-grand entertainment firm (Big Hit Entertainment), numerous foreign fans caught their interest. The number of fans of these Bangtan lads is huge, and they took over 300 million votes at the American Music Awards for the Top Popular Artist for two consecutive years. Tear initially made the first Korean band to make it to the top of the American album charts. BTS is also distinguished from other K-pop kid bands since they make their own songs.BTS is also distinguished from other K-pop kid bands since they make their own songs.


The contents are imported from YouTube. You may access the same material in a different format, or discover additional information on their website. It will be difficult to get them out once you accept in your life Jenni Kim, Lisa, Quality also affects and Rosé. Considered one of the most successful K-pop bands in this age, BLACKPINK’s songs are all hits—I dare you to listen to any song and not to let it stay for days.

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8. Monstrous X

The contents are imported from YouTube. You may get the same material in a different format or discover additional information on its website. Bad guys from K-pop certainly deserve a place on your playlist. The popularity of Monsta X continues to rise with various music charts and rip hearts across the area, and you’ll realize why the moment you play. With some hip hop, EDM, and pop, every Monsta X track is a world in which you want to be immersed.

9. Twice

Twice is among the group of K-pop girls who debuted in 2015 via the Sixteen program. The group of nine members includes various ethnicities from countries such as Japan and Taiwan. With their song “Cheer Up” they became famous, winning them accolades including Music of the Year Top Rated Track. Since then, the band has released individuals and albums with captivating texts and melodies that always top music charts and sales.


MAMAMOO is a group of four composed of the Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa groups. The female trio called themselves MAMAMOO, since it sounded like what infants say, “MAMA,” which means mom, and intended to intuitively contact their listeners in their songs. The female group in South Korea is renowned for its vintage, jazz, R&B ideas, and powerful vocal performances.

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