Best Torrent9 Alternatives In 2021

If you are an expert on torrenting, you must know that bulk torrent bans have been practically a normal standard since torrent sites were first introduced. Far from it, Torrents’ premium material is the most trouble-free download on your device! That said, websites using torrents frequently have to face charges of piracy and copyright infringement, and your favorite torrent sites may often be found under blockade. In this essay, one of the most prominent torrent websites – Torrent9 is discussed. Since 2018, Torrent9 has risen fast in the rankings. It was regarded as one of the most effective websites for internet download.

But the site quickly succeeded in the efforts of the anti-piracy organizations, which destroyed its numbers. A comprehensive design of torrent9 has been meticulously prepared and even a full list of possible torrent9 representatives has been given. In this post, you’ll also get a list of other torrent9 alternative sites that function as well! In addition, we address possibly undesirable programs or PUAs which are frequently installed during torrent navigation, and provide gradual remedies to this issue. So whether you are a torrent beginner or a specialist, we hope you receive a good understanding of the website, how to access it, and much more from this post.

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Best Torrent9 Proxy Alternatives.

1: T411

It is one of the biggest websites in the torrent with many high-quality gush files. In addition to being a beautiful French gushes website, however, there is an online forum community that includes over 5.5 million people from countries like Belgium, Canada, and France. In almost every aspect, these communities provide significant proposals, made of FR gushes that may be downloaded at great speed.

The T411 torrenting site is also a monitoring site for the User ratio for submitted and downloaded files. Any month it takes a staggering 37 million visits, a great achievement for every website. It has excellent advertising and pop-ups on the downside. We thus disadvantage you to install not only a decent adblocker but also to take care of your download.

2: YggTorrent

You would definitely have comprehended YggTorrent if your origins are French & enjoy torrenting. A wide selection of files is available on the torrenting site. You’ll also find plenty of applications, audio files, animations, and documentary information on there, among the latest games and movie photos. This portal also has a lot of sports, entertainment programs, videos, comics, radio, and e-books. Check also alternate fuel efficiency.

YggTorrent is simple to use since each subcategory of YggTorrent includes several subcategories to quickly locate the material. While you have to have an account before using this torrenting spring, you do not need to be concerned about it since it is totally free and will run in a few minutes.

It utilizes its YggTorrent neighborhood, which supports customers in need, for outstanding customer support. The Gush platform revealed in December 2020 that it already has more than 5 million customers, and that is remarkable for a site that is just 3 years old.

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3: Cpasbien

This was to be Torrent9’s largest contestant for the French-speaking king’s crown. Cpasbien offers a wealth of constantly updated films, literature, music, games, and TV shows. Even more, they have a very active community, which means that your material in French is fast.

This website is user-friendly and extremely well structured, showing why this is one of our favorite torrent sites in French.


RARBG offers a wide range of material, comparable to Torrent9, that is available free of charge. On its fourth annual list, TorrentFreak ranked the website as one of the most often accessed.

This online site enables peer-to-peer sharing and magnet links with a clean and seamless user interface. His database is full of material from films to games and applications.

You may access RARBG in most areas, except a few nations such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, Turkey, Indonesia, and Portugal.

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5: ExtraTorrent

You will certainly discover ExtraTorrent on the list if you are searching for the top 5 torrent sites! It has a large digital online index of films, programs, games, and other material you may want.

ExtraTorrent allows for peer-to-peer file sharing and magnet links to be easily downloaded. It also provides a seamless experience to the readily accessible UI.

India, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain are some nations not accessible with ExtraTorrent. However, via proxy connections, you may always unlock the site.

6: LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the earliest torrenting sites out there (beginning in 2009). But you can still rely on this to give you some excellent, high-quality files after all these years.

It contains more than 10 million torrents, making it one of the biggest torrent file repositories. It’s very simple to browse too, so you won’t certainly be dissatisfied here what you desire.

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