Best Alternative Of Viewster In 2021 Watch Movie Free

Viewster was a free online movie website, including a limited number of free TV shows, featuring thousands of Hollywood movies and independent movies. The website shut down in 2019 and is now redirected to another streaming service, CONtv, offered by the same Viewster company.

The good news is that as you learn below, you can still watch some of Viewster’s films on YouTube. There are also many other similar free movie streaming websites that you can use.

What Was Viewster?

Viewster had free films, TV shows, and other partner videos such as STARZ, 20th Century Fox, the BBC, and HBO. It was entirely legal and free to use because ads were supported. These free movies and shows can also be viewed from their website, the mobile app, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.

Some of the categories that you could use include animation, science, action, horror, comedy, drama, Korean drama, documentary, animation, and romance.

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Alternatives To Viewster

1: Filmzie

Filmzie is a world-class platform for streaming free movies and television series. There are so many great films by extremely talented filmmakers there that the general public is not seen. This is what we are here to change. Just by watching films on Filmzie, you support filmmakers


VUDU is a gigantic web-based entertainment provider with an excellent set of films and TV programs which are known as the highest and highest rating in the world. The best thing about the VUDU app is that it is a full-length film and program supplier only.

For those film spectators looking for full-length films and TV programs, the VUDU app ensures that your attachment with VUDU allows you to see uninterrupted films. VUDU is an online platform for quality and top-class items to enjoy whenever you like.

If you want to use the VUDU streaming service, you must use a sophisticated internet bandwidth connection. In addition, VUDU only deals with the rental and permanent purchase of DVDs and latest release films, TV seasons and dramas.

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3: Hdonline

HDOnline – free online movies, you can watch high-quality movies online, without publicity, come and enjoy your films online.

4: Netflix

Netflix is an online entertainment platform for viewing leading-edge films and TV programs from anywhere in the world. It’s a web-based entertainment service that includes dramas, action films, humor movies, documentaries, TV series, and many other fun things.

The best thing about Netflix is that there is no publicity scheme; visitors can expect any TV program to run softly. Netflix comes in three basic, standard, and premium payment options. The viewer is also provided with a free thirty days; this is intended for a limited period.

 5: HDstreamz

Operates in 19 countries including Bangladesh, INDIA, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, UAE, Qatar, Serbia, Portugal, Romania, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Myanmar, Canada, South Africa, and Deutsche E.T.C. HD Streamz supplies more than 1000 live television and radio channels. We’re trying our best.

There are numerous other websites where you can watch free movies and shows, some of which have far more programming than Viewster ever did. but there are plenty more in this list of free movie sites.

If there are any titles in Viewster’s 12,000+ movie collection that you can’t find anywhere else, you might be able to find them on the Viewster YouTube channel. There are dozens of feature-length films available. Furthermore, YouTube, in particular, is a great way to watch those movies on your TV, computer, or phone, and it even has its own collection of free movies.

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If you want to watch movies on your mobile device, check out these free movie apps that work similarly to Viewster’s app. They pull movies from sites that frequently add new content, making them the best ways to watch movies on your phone for free.

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